Pet Friendly

Bring dogs to Wardshuset Dickens'

We love dogs and you are most welcome to bring your dog/dogs to us. We offer rooms where you can stay with your dog at no extra cost and it is very popular with many who compete with dogs in Fagersta.

We accept a maximum of 2-3 dogs per room depending on the size of the dogs and the rooms. Dogs are also welcome in the restaurant if they are well behaved. They must be quiet and not lash out at other guests.

You must contact us at the hotel before booking so you know you will get a room where dogs can stay without problems. Otherwise, there is a risk that there is no available room suitable for dogs when you arrive.

We are happy to recommend good dog walks around our hotel or longer hikes around Fagersta and the surrounding area.

Are animals other than dogs welcome in the room?

It depends on which animal it is and how it is stored. You must contact us in each individual case.

Dogs cannot be left alone in the room while the owner of the dog(s) is away from the hotel (at work or other business).

Dogs can be left alone in the room for short periods when the owner is still in the hotel, for example when you eat in the restaurant and do not want to take the dog with you.

We have a non-smoking policy throughout the hotel. All our rooms are at ground level, so you can get from the car park to your room without having to climb any stairs. All the rooms have bespoke Swedish handmade box sprung beds, and exclusive quality products, to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.