We would like to inform you of the current rules for booking and/or staying at a hotel. This text will give you the answers to the most important questions.


You and the hotel can make your own agreement on the terms of the stay.

If there are no special terms agreed upon, the regulations in this text apply – as well as those recognized internationally. Some hotels have other terms for arrival and departure, as well as for payment and cancellations. The hotels’ own terms are valid under the condition that you have received information about them in connection to your reservations. It is therefore important that you carefully read the information you receive from the hotel. There are separate regulations pertaining to groups, conferences and other special events.


A reservation is binding when it has been confirmed. This agreement can be done verbally or in writing, such as via email. You and the hotel have then entered into an agreement. Although, under certain circumstances, it is possible to cancel – please read under “Cancellation and Failure to Arrive”.

When making a reservation, you are required to give your name, address, arrival and departure dates, as well as form of payment.


The hotel room is at your disposal from 3 pm at the latest on the date of arrival.

You are required to check-out from your room by 12:00 noon at the latest on the day of departure.

NOTE: Certain dates can have other times for arrival and departure. In these cases, these times are valid under the condition that you have received information about them in connection with your reservation.


The room is held until 6 pm on the date of arrival. If you intend to arrive later, you must inform the hotel in advance in order to not risk losing your room to another guest.


It is custom in the hotel business to accept a cancellation of a hotel room. The following regulations apply:

• If you book the ”Pay now – non refundable rate”, your card will be charged on the day that you make your reservation.

•Reservations at the ” Standard rate” can be cancelled free of
charge until 18:00 on the day before arrival. If you cancel later than that, or do not show at the hotel, a charge of 100% of the full stay will be made.

• If the hotel has incurred extra costs due to your cancellation, you must pay for these costs in full.

NOTE: For group reservations other terms apply and you will be informed of them in connection with your reservation.


If you have made a reservation for a definite time period, but depart before the end of that period, you are required to pay the same amount as for a late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you are required to pay for an additional night.


If you are staying at the hotel for an undetermined length of time, and extend your stay one night at a time, you must inform the hotel of your departure by 6 pm at the latest the day before your departure. Otherwise, you are required to pay for an additional night.

If the hotel can no longer allow you disposal of the room, you have the right to be informed by 6 pm at the latest the day before departure.


If the hotel cannot offer you a room according to agreement, you have the right, at no additional cost, to a room of equal or better quality at the same hotel or at another hotel of equivalent quality.


Furnishings adapted for persons with functional disabilities
Many of today’s hotels have renovated to better suit guests with physical impairments. Please specify your wishes when making a reservation to be certain that the hotel is equipped according to your requirements and can prepare for your arrival in the best possible way.


Most of the rooms at today’s hotels are non-smoking. If you wish to smoke in your hotel room, you are required to ask when making reservations whether the hotel can allow smoking in a room. In the case of violation of non-smoking regulations, the hotel has the right to charge the guest for the cost of washing textiles, etc.

Dickens’ Inn is a non-smoking property. There are no rooms where smoking is allowed and violating our non-smoking regulations will be fined!


If you wish to bring a pet, please inform the hotel when making reservations.

Technical equipment
If you need any special technical equipment, you should inform the hotel well in advance of your arrival. This is required in order for your wishes to be met to the fullest of the hotel’s capabilities.


If you have special food requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.), please inform the hotel when making reservations.


The hotel has the right to request a booking fee or other advance payment in order for your reservation to be binding. This sum is subtracted from the final bill. If you cancel the room and disregard the cancellation deadline, the hotel has the right to retain the booking fee/advance payment.


The principal rule is that the hotel bill is to be paid when you receive it, which is usually when you arrive at the hotel.

Credit cards, checks and coupons
The most commonly used credit cards are accepted by the majority of hotels. Although, the hotel is not obligated to accept credit cards, checks, coupons or foreign currency if the hotel has not offered to accept them. It is therefore wise to ask in advance what is accepted.

Interest on overdue payment
If your payment is overdue, the hotel has the right to charge interest on the overdue


According to the Swedish Aliens Ordinance, the managers of hotels are obliged to make sure that foreigners provide information about themselves on personally signed registration forms. The National Police Board may issue regulations on what information shall be provided. The foreigner shall confirm his or her identity by producing a valid identity document. These rules are based on the Schengen agreement within the EU.


Usually, your valuables can be stored in a safety box in the hotel room. To be sure, please contact the reception. Upon arrival and departure, do not leave your baggage unattended in the hotel lobby. The hotel can usually offer to store your baggage in a locked baggage room. The hotel only takes responsibility for your property if it is stored in one of the hotel’s locked areas, such as a baggage room.


Valuable property
If you have highly valuable property, you are required to inform the hotel of this when you hand over your baggage or other property to the hotel for storage. The hotel is not obliged to store highly valuable property and is only liable to compensate for the full value of the property in those cases in which the hotel has taken responsibility for the property.

The right to retain accompanying baggage
According to law, the hotel has the right to, in the case of claims on a guest, retain accompanying baggage, and in certain cases, according to stipulated regulations, sell it.


The hotel has no strict responsibility for the property you store in your hotel room or in the safety box in the room. If, however, it should be proven that the hotel or the hotel personnel have acted negligently or in any other way are responsible for property having been lost, the hotel is responsible for the missing/stolen property.


You should always find out where emergency exits, alarm boxes and fire extinguishers are located. This information is usually available on the inside of your hotel room door, in a separate information folder in the hotel room or in the reception.

Visita and the Swedish Fire Protection Association have in cooperation put together the information folder “Hotel Safety”. Please read it – for your own safety.

If you discover any lacks in safety, we urge you to inform the reception immediately.


All hotels are required to reimburse the guest for damage that is a result of neglect by the hotel. You, the customer, are also responsible for any damage that you or your guests may cause within the hotel.

When handling a conflict between hotels and customers, there is an important difference between those hotels that are members of Visita and other hotels. Visita has a Disciplinary Board, which the Visita member companies have agreed to follow. The composition of the Disciplinary Board guarantees a qualified and objective investigation of the conflict. This is why the Visita Disciplinary Board offers an extra assurance for you who choose to stay at a hotel that is a member of Visita.

You will find the contact information for the Disciplinary Board (Ansvarsnämnden) on the Visita website,


If you want to contribute to a reputable business that takes responsibility for its guests and employees, make an active choice to visit a hotel or restaurant in Sweden that is a member of Visita. There are more than 7,000 Visita marked businesses throughout Sweden. You’ll find the member label on the door.


Those of us that are members of Visita always do our very best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We work for good industry ethics and good business practices. A company cannot become a member of Visita without having been carefully inspected and taking part in this work.

That which is good can always be improved. If you have any viewpoints or advice, please convey them to Visita, although preferably directly to the hotel in question.


Excellence Rewards

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